Build an industrial manufacturing group delivering growth in enduring markets and high impact performance driven by our foundational pillars of market driven strategies, operational excellence, empowered organizations and NimblePreneurshipLM.

We strive to retain the unique cultural aspects of acquired companies and also to provide strategic guidance. We unlock growth potential through embarking on cultural transformation utilizing the Lionheart Edge Operating System (LEOSLM) focused on Longevity, Ingenuity, OverDrive results and NimblePreneurshipLM which embodies the way Lionheart does business, combining both the urgency of being nimble and the change agent of entrepreneurial spirit. Underpinning our business operating systems are our Core Values, at the heart of everything we do.

L = Longevity: Buying to build rather than buying to sell

I = Ingenuity: The quality of being clever, original and inventive

O = OverDrive: Outperforming industry margins and growth

N = NimblePreneurshipLM: Combining the urgency of nimble with entrepreneurial spirit

NimblePreneurshipLM embodies these attributes:
    ➣ Urgency
    ➣ Innovation
    ➣ Resourcefulness
    ➣ Open-Mindedness
    ➣ Encourage Critical Questioning
    ➣ Intellectual Curiosity
    ➣ Change Agents
    ➣ Velocity: Speed with Direction