Fluid Power Products Group

Formed in the 1990s, AIRman (www.airmaninc.com) is a manufacturer of custom engineered air valves, actuators and controls. AIRman combines the art of imagination and creativity with the science of fluid power, called Creative Pneumatics, to produce products that meet and exceed application challenges. AIRman serves the medical, oil and gas and heavy transportation industries including products for trucks and trailers of all kinds. AIRman will serve as a platform company for Fluid Power Products companies.

Aktv8 LLC (www.aktv8.com) was formed in October 2014 to capitalize on the growing $2B market for electronically adjustable suspension to improve ride comfort, handling, and safety in all vehicle markets: starting with aftermarket, followed by commercial truck/bus and eventually OEM automotive. Aktv8's patented and patent pending technologies include an "all-in-one" air suspension controller that combines electronics, manifold, and sensors in one module. Atkv8's second product is family of semi-active and air pressure proportional dampers. These products are the cornerstones to electronic height and adjustable damping solutions for customers frustrated by the available complex "hobby-grade" systems and the lack of affordable solutions. Aktv8 seeks to lead a transformation of the suspension market by enabling every vehicle in every segment to benefit from an electronically adjustable suspension that save lives, improves productivity, and creates a passion for the driving experience.