About Lionheart: Acquiring And Building Small Businesses.

The primary mission at Lionheart Industrial Group is to seek out established companies that require business leadership, capital, or global experience to spur future growth. Often, smaller companies face multiple obstacles to achieving their potential and reaching important business milestones. We take pride in fostering the growth of entrepreneurial and lower middle-market businesses by strategically guiding them to the next level. We cultivate this growth by applying professional business models from our Lionheart Edge Operating System (LEOSLM) and creating trustworthy partnerships with our platform companies.

Once Lionheart acquires a company, our team works closely with the company to understand the business thoroughly. We get to know the employees from the manufacturing shop floor to the management team. Lionheart analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the company and with the management team, Lionheart assists in formulating a strategy to propel the company and unlock all its potential to new growth. Lionheart continues to work with the management team and support the team as needed, including assuming direct leadership positions as necessary.

Lionheart's success is driven by our ability to generate mutually beneficial, high quality deals. We are continually building contacts with professionals in the investment banking community, business intermediaries and regional brokers, management consultants, private equity firms and private business owners. When a deal is not a strategic fit for Lionheart, we'll take the time to provide referrals to other equity investment groups on either a mutual deal sharing basis or a transactional basis. We welcome new relationships and encourage professionals or private owners to contact our CEO, David Bovenizer.